The Process


An overview of the Processes that takes place in an Auto shipping Company to transport your Vehicle

Auto Shipping Company walks through the few simple steps for transporting your vehicle. All that is to be done by you is:


1. Ask The Auto Shipping Company for a free quote without any compulsions to ship your car. Quotes are obtainable via online request, email, and fax. Most auto shipping companies respond quickly to all quote requests. Else just try making a call as it is always a pleasure for the auto shipping companies to discuss with you and to get know your auto shipping needs. In order to offer you with the most efficient service, some Car Shipping Companies offer two quote options and while few others offer only one. For clients wishing to get a quote for comparative purposes, they offer an estimate quote based on industry standards, one reliant on motor carrier accessibility and subject to minor variation. But an estimate quote averts the possibility of your car not quickly being dispensed to a motor carrier once you plan your car transport with The Car Shipping Company. For Customers whose vehicle will be available for shipping within a week of quote request, they offer separate quote along with the bids for Car Shipping and Vehicle Transport Quotes

2. Once the quote has been requested, your automobile will be picked up within days as per the schedule made by you with The Car Shipping Company. Your vehicle will be loaded to a motor carrier and moved to the desired destination.

3. Be ready to pay either a partial or full payment before shipping your vehicle. If you are about to pay a partial amount then the balance amount has to be paid to the professional truck driver, at the time of delivery. For your convenience, ask the car shipping company about the payment methods that are being used by them i.e. Whether they accept Visa, MasterCard credit, debit cards, Discover, and American Express as well as electronic check and PayPal payments. That's all to be done by you, now just forget all your worries about transporting your vehicle and relax. The Auto Shipping Company will do the rest for you.

4. For a more secured transport it is always better to get the contact number of the truck driver transporting your vehicle. You can also know the current exact location of your vehicle.

5. When the driver comes to the pickup location to pick up your vehicle he will first inspect your car for any damages and then will provide you a copy of the inspection report. Only then he loads your car onto the auto carrier and departs, to your delivery location. 6. Therefore on the date of delivery you can inspect your car and identify if there are any damages caused during shipping, the inspection report will help you better to this. In case of any damages you can get it reported to The Car Shipping Company. This is all what happens between you and car shipping companies to ship your vehicle In case of any queries feel free to contact the related Auto Transport Quotes Company.