Step Deck Trailers for Taller Loads

Flatbed trailers are some of the most commonly used forms of transport on the road today. They make it possible to load by crane or forklift and remove many of the limitations placed by standard trailers. However, the average flatbed unit is designed to haul loads no taller than eight feet, six inches, so what happens if your load is just a little taller than that? Step deck and double drop flatbed trailers may be the solution to your problems.

Step Down Shipping

How can a step deck (also called drop deck) trailer haul taller loads? The trailer is normal height at the hitch but steps down 20 inches lower the rest of the trailer length. This type of construction gives you two and one half feet of additional height. But what if you need more? can help you with double drop trailers. A double drop deck is another foot lower, giving you a total of eleven feet and two inches of height.

What about Large Vehicles with Wheels?

When you want to transport wheeled vehicles, you may need a drop deck trailer with loading ramp. A loading ramp greatly simplifies the process of loading and unloading. Ramps can also be used to level loads on some units, and it's important to use container locks when applicable. Come to and you can have professional assistance with these freight issues.

Choosing the Right Trailer and Carrier

It can be hard to select a carrier which has just what you need at affordable rates. is there for you, and we will find you the best step deck transport rates and make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Call us at 1-800-385-7591 today for all the details. We offer a wide range of solutions for your transport needs.