Take Advantage Of Snowbird Auto Transport Services

For those who spend their winters in the south and summers in the north, the drive between their home and Florida, Arizona, California or even Texas and the other Gulf states can be a challenging part of the trip.

The same is true for the trip from the southern climate to the northern states in the spring. Most people would prefer to fly and have a relaxing trip rather than have to drive their vehicle across the country.

There is a simple answer to this problem that is convenient, saves mileage and wear on your vehicle or vehicles and provides safe, dependable delivery. This comes in the form of snowbird auto transport services. By using a snowbird transport company, snowbirds can move one or more vehicles from their home to their alternate destination throughout the year.

Tips for Snowbirds

As with all types of auto transport services, snowbird transport should be planned and booked as early as possible. The peak times for these services are in the early to late fall season to move south and the early to late spring moving from the south to the north. Ideally, start talking to different companies and getting quotes two months from the anticipated pickup date.

Most snowbirds will find that different auto transport companies will have different rates. It is worthwhile getting quotes from at least three companies and comparing the prices and services offered. Some companies may also have greater or lesser ability to provide the pickup or the delivery within the schedule time you need. Using our Auto Transport Quotes service will help you find the best prices and services.

Always check the insurance coverage offered by the auto transport service as well. Snowbird transport, like other auto transport services, will not insure the contents of the vehicle so avoid packing any valuable items or large or heavy items in the car or in the trunk.

Ask about the time in transit for your vehicle. Typically, it will be a few days to two weeks depending on the pick-up and drop-off location. Transportation from coast to coast are usually longer than those from north to south, but this will depend on the actual mileage and the specific route to make other vehicle drop-offs along the way.