Move Moving Cars

Auto Transport Quotes moves cars locally and cross country. We are a fully licensed and bonded auto shipping company located in the U.S. Our services are all done door to door or door to port to and from anywhere in the country and even the world. You can choose from open and enclosed auto shipping methods as well as expedited and standby, whatever best suits your needs.

Shipping Considerations

One of the most common questions our dispatchers receive is able the best way to ship a vehicle. We offer both enclosed as well as open trailers, and the choice is really up to our customers.

Enclosed trailers are ideal when there is a concern about any even slight cosmetic issue with the vehicles upon delivery. For example, it is very common on long-distance hauls for the open trailer to go through rain, dust and even some wind. This can result in dust and rain spots on the exterior of the vehicle, similar as to what would be expected if it was sitting outside.

People shipping antique, collector or luxury types of vehicles may opt to choose enclosed trailers. With the vehicles driven up and into the box on the trailer, they are fully protected from potential rain and dust, ensuring the vehicles will be delivered looking exactly the same as when they were driven onto the trailer. For general passenger vehicles or for most types of transport, an open trailer is a cost-saving option. For those shipping multiple types of vehicles including cars, light-duty passenger trucks, motorcycles, ATVs or golf carts, an enclosed trailer can be a simple way to have all vehicles delivered on one load.

Choose Auto Transport Quotes

Auto Transport Quotes is rapidly growing to become America’s #1 car shipping services. We also move trucks, boats and R.V.’s and even offers same-day pickup in most locations in the U.S. Our customers range from online car purchases and military relocation to fleets for major corporations worldwide. We also boast the largest fleet of owner-operators in the U.S.A.

Next time you need to move a car make sure to try Auto Transport Quotes. Our track record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves in offering only first class service at an affordable price to all customers no matter how big or small. We also make learning about auto transport options easy and stress-free. To get more info on moving car, please give us a call or fill our online auto transport quote form.