How to Ship a Car using Car Shipping Services in Minnesota

There is far more to auto shipping than simply moving a vehicle from point A to B. The attention and care required to perform a safe and secure relocation is paramount to the integrity of your vehicle. Auto Transport Quotes provides an extensive range of transportation options designed to encompass these important factors, while providing the most affordable service in Minnesota. We ship both domestically and internationally with efficiency and reliability every time.

The Leading Name in Auto Transport for Collectors

An ordinary moving company simply does not understand the unique needs of car collectors. Auto Transport Quotes provides shipping services for collectors auto transport, including the use of enclosed vehicle transport, to maintain the condition of your vehicle no matter the distance of travel. Our drivers have been working in the industry for decades and treat every vehicle as if it were their own, and with full insurance and commitment to customer satisfaction, you will be confident in the service we provide.

Auto Shipping for Recreational Vehicles

A new boat is an exciting time for any water lover. However, getting your boat to the water can be tough, particularly if you have bought it in another state. Auto Transport Quote’s boat transport options are an easy solution to this problem, giving you the means to get back out on the water quickly. We also offer convenient RV transport, motorcycle transport and golf cart shipping so that you can take your recreational activities to the next level.

No Need to Shop Around, Simply Get Your Quote Today

Auto Transport Quotes is your one stop shop for auto shipping of any vehicle type. Whether you need to ship nationally or internationally, our fully insured service is affordable and efficient. To get your quote today, simply call us at 1 800 385 7591 today.