How to Ship A Car

Relocating, purchasing a car or selling a car often requires the use of car transport service. Many people are not experienced in how to ship a car, but it is a very simple process when using our services.

At Auto Transport Quotes, we are able to provide all the information you need on how to ship a car safely and within your budget. With our expertise as a car shipping service, we can provide the support, assistance, and information needed before your vehicle is shipped, during shipping and when it arrives.

Booking Your Car Transport Company

Using our simple online form, simply complete the information in the required fields. This includes information about the pickup and delivery location, the vehicle, and your contact information. Our shipping calculator will determine the cost of the service based on the type of transport, the mileage and the information on the vehicle or vehicles to be transported.

Once you submit the request for us to transport a car, expect an email with a quote from one of our experienced sales reps. This professional will also verify information and provide a quote via email, then he or she will also follow up with the customer to answer any questions about the process.

Preparing the Car

A common question of how to ship a car is what needs to be done to the vehicle. We also make that easy for our Customers as our car transport company is able to move both working and non-working vehicles. It is important to empty the trunk and any items from the interior of the vehicle as they can cause damage.

Then, just be prepared for our car shipping service to arrive on the date required. For more information or to ask any additional questions, contact us at 1.800.385.7591.