Government Transport and Special Requirements

When shipping goods or materials to or from agencies, you must follow government regulations to the letter. In fact, if you have a contract with a federal or state agency you have unique and demanding transport needs in the shipping industry. When you have unusual shipping requirements, it is vital to choose a dependable service like There are just too many things which can go wrong, and we are here to make sure that the I's are dotted and T's are crossed. We leave nothing to chance.

Doing Business with the Department of Defense

If you have a contract with the DoD, you cannot use just any carrier for transport. You'll need to find a DoD approved carrier and it may be hard to shop shipping services this way. For example, approved carrier facilities must undergo and pass a rigid safety inspection on a regular basis.

Qualifying for DoD Approval

Many services cannot qualify for DoD approval. For instance, the business must have at least one year of experience and pass pre-qualification tests. Every two years, you must undergo significant safety audit and testing to maintain government compliance. Also, random safety inspections can occur at any time. Plus, companies must submit a certified financial statement. is well aware of these issues and is here to help. You can depend on us.

Other Agencies

If you are doing business with the government, you may need to find GDA approved or FEMA approved carriers. In addition to finding a qualified carrier, you want the most affordable rates and dependable services too. Why not let your shipping professionals at help? Call us at 1-800-385-7591 for more details. We have many experienced professionals to answer your questions and help you with special needs. You may be surprised just how much you save.