Golf Cart Shipping

The Best Golf Cart Transport Companies

Unless you own a vehicle that can safely secure and bear the weight of your golf cart, getting it from the dealership to the country club, or to your new location during a move can become an issue. Auto Transport Quotes can help you to find the solution. While golf carts are not large vehicles, they do require special handling to ensure that they do not sustain damage during transport. This task is best left to the professionals who have years of experience in golf cart shipping.

Special Considerations for Golf Cart Transport

Golf carts come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The type of golf cart transportation used depends upon customer preferences and the recommended safety observances of service providers. Both open transport and enclosed container options are available. The enclosed transport option is preferred for long distances or in cases where inclement weather is a consideration. Extra care must be taken to ensure that the golf cart is carefully secured within the container used for shipping, particularly when being transported overseas. This can help to avoid damage when transported in the same space with other vehicles. The company that you select for the job should also provide golf cart insurance while the vehicle is in transit. This is a point you may want to discuss with a potential golf cart transport company prior to signing an agreement for services.

Price Quotes for Golf Cart Transport

Auto Transport Quotes puts you in contact with companies that provide golf cart shipping services that are willing to give you a price quote up front. All you will need to do is to provide them with a few quick details about the services that you will use. The origination, destination, type of vehicle(s) being transported, pick-up and delivery dates and method of payment are required for an effective quote. After you supply this information on a user friendly online form, you’ll receive price quotes from companies who would like to have your business. It doesn't get much easier than that.