Florida Auto Transport

Florida is definitely one of the most traveled states by auto haulers. If you are looking to transport a car to or from Florida, you will be pleasantly surprised. Most cities and states have a driver standing by going to Florida. The reason is Florida is a narrow state with major expressways on both sides, making it easily accessible for the large auto transporters to maneuver from one side of the state to the other. Also, highways run near the coast, which is a big plus considering that is where most people live.

In other words, the large population of Florida is located in areas where it is easy for auto transport trucks and trailers to access. Additionally, this is a state with a lot of growth as well as a constant source of new residents moving in to retire or start a career and a family in the amazing tropical climate. This, combined with the number of businesses, industries, and companies moving into the state, creates a demand all through the year for auto transport into Florida.

When to Move Vehicles in And Out

There are also some very busy times in the state of Florida for auto transport companies. As the end of the summer begins in the more northern states, as well as in Canada and Europe, the snowbird season begins. This is when retired folks from up north come down to pass the winter in a warmer more habitable climate. Most will fly down to Florida and transport their cars to avoid wear and tear and additional mileage on their vehicles. All auto transporters will be positioned up north at this time to meet the overwhelming demand coming south, with few to no trucks to go out the state of Florida.

In the spring, the reverse will happen. People living in colder climates will return home for the warmer summer, which will require a lot of auto transport trucks leaving the state of Florida to return vehicles to summer homes in the north.

Shipping vehicles in and out of Florida during the two to three weeks in the spring when the snowbirds go north and then the two to three weeks when people return for the fall and winter can be a challenge.

Ideally, if you are planning on moving your vehicles using Auto Transport Quotes, call in and speak to one of our representatives or fill out the quote with the dates you require. If you can be flexible on the dates let us know, we can schedule your auto transport to suit your timetable as well as your budget.