Choosing the right Auto Transportation Company.

Choosing the right Auto Transportation Company.

Whether you are moving your family car, a one of a kind classic vehicle, or an inoperable vehicle to be restored, you have an investment that needs to be treated with care. Make sure the transportation company you choose is reputable. Take the time to research the company. Find out about the authority, insurance, and where the home office is located.

Auto Transport Quotes uses only the top carriers in the country. We have strict requirements that we hold our transporters accountable to. We use only reputable transporters and maintain certificates of insurance and authorities issued by the Federal Highway Administration on each.

When shopping for a rate to move your vehicle, don't settle for an automatic or instant quote on the Internet. Take the time to get a real quote from a real person. Rates vary and fluctuate with the state of the economy, the time of year and the price of fuel. Keep the rate and reputation in mind when making your decision. The old saying, “You get what you pay for." Is a very good rule of thumb.

Discuss time frames with the Transport Company. Make them aware of your needs. Unless there is a truck sitting in your neighborhood, most companies need a window of time to make arrangements to transport your vehicle. The amount of time from pick up to delivery will also vary, depending on the number of stops for other pickups and deliveries along the way.

Depending on the locations that you are shipping you car to and from, Auto Transport Quotes. requires a window to make the transportation arrangements for your vehicle. Your Auto Transport Quotes service representative can give you a more specific time frame during your discussion. Arrangements can be made, for an additional fee, to accommodate special circumstances and specific times.

Auto Transport Quotes takes great pride in the professional and knowledgeable services that our transporters and we provide you our valued customers.

Thank you for shipping with Auto Transport Quotes