Get An Estimate With Our Car Shipping Calculator

At Auto Transport Quotes we realize that price is a very important factor in choosing an auto transport company. To help our customers in getting an accurate price quote we provide an easy to use online car shipping calculator.

This is a tool to help our system match your vehicle shipping needs with the approximate cost of the auto transport services you request. This will provide you with a general cost for transporting the vehicle either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal.

Tips for an Accurate Quote

With our rates & cost calculator, it will be important to be as accurate and specific as possible. Indicate if you need covered transport as this will make a difference to the price. There will be a place to indicate how many vehicles you need to transport to allow you to complete one easy estimate for all of the cars or light duty trucks you need to be transported.

Remember, even though you provide a specific pickup and delivery date, most auto transport services will not provide guarantees on a specific day. Instead, they will offer a window of time for pickup and delivery. Different carriers may offer different options with this point.

Talk to the Car Shipping Companies

While our handy car shipping calculator will provide a good idea of the price, talking to several carriers is always recommended. This will allow you to understand the different services and options featured by the various companies.

The actual quote may vary based on your request for services and other factors. The quote should be provided in writing and with all stipulations and services also provided by the car carrier company.

This is also a good time to clarify any special requests you may have with regards to the vehicle shipment or to ask any questions of the company. You can also find out about insurance coverage and other details that will help you to make the best choice.

Using the car shipping calculator is a first step in finding the right auto transport service for your vehicle and your budget. Enter the requested information as completely as possible for the most accurate price.