A Quick Guide To Auto Transport Rates

The question of how much does it cost to ship a car is not always simple to answer. While mileage will certainly be the easiest part of the cost to calculate there will be other components or the service that the car shipper will encounter as well.

It is important for consumers to realize that auto transport rates will vary between companies as well as being based on different factors. Each of these factors is considered when the individual auto transport company you are consulting provides a quote.

The most important factors they will consider in determining how much to ship a car will include:

Specific State to State Rates and Mileage

For long distance car transport most companies have state to state rates. This not the final price, but it is the basic rate without any additional factors considered. Other companies may use point to point mileage based on how far the final delivery or the pickup point is from the main terminal or location where the flat rate is set from or to.

Remote locations for pickup or delivery, particularly when off main roads or highways will also usually have an additional fee.

Seasonal Variations

In most areas of the country spring through fall is the peak season for moving vehicles. If you are working on a budget and can wait until late fall through winter, you may be able to take advantage of slightly lower auto transport rates.


One of the biggest factors in how much does it cost to ship a car is the timing of the transport. The shorter the notice or the more inflexible you are, the higher the rates will be.

Enclosed Transport

Shipping vehicles in enclosed trucks will be significantly costlier than on typical auto haul trailers that are open. If you need enclosed shipping be prepared to pay the highest auto transport rates.

Remember, you will also need to consider insurance. Most of the auto transport companies will offer insurance, but you may want additional coverage. Talk to your insurance agent if this is a concern.