Auto transport Alaska

Did you know it is common for auto transporters to cross frozen lakes to reach parts of Alaska in the winter time? Alaska is the most northern territory of the U.S. and also the most treacherous for auto transporters. It takes highly skilled and professionals truckers to navigate these roads, particularly in the fall to late spring when snow, ice, and treacherous conditions are a fact of life.

Shipping Options

Most people are relocating to and from Alaska ship their cars by ocean vessels, although many still use haulers. Auto Transport Quotes offers both services and for far less when compared to other auto transport services. Both offer a much more effective and efficient service than hiring drivers to take the vehicles. Driving the vehicles adds thousands of miles of wear and tear over highways and roads that become increasingly more difficult on vehicles the further north through Canada and Alaska you drive.

In addition to the added mileage on the odometer, there is the risk of breakdown on long stretches of isolated roadways throughout the north. It can be very difficult to make this drive in the best of weather, with rain and storms in the summer months and the snow and ice becoming an issue as early as September and as late as May in some years.

Customers looking to ship north into Alaska from October 1 until April 1 first must winterize vehicles to 60 degrees below zero. This means new gas filter oil change, antifreeze, battery and correct tire pressure or else auto transporters will reject the vehicle.

If you plan on shipping household goods or personal items be aware, there will be a $1 per pound charge extra. It is important to keep in mind the vehicles will need to be completely empty when shipped. In other words, it is not possible to pack the trunk or the back and front seat of the vehicle with items. This is both an insurance requirement as well as a safety consideration as loads in a vehicle can shift, potentially causing damage to the interior of the vehicle.

Auto Transport Quotes offers auto transport services to Anchorage and Fairbanks via steam line, and by land, most other areas would be done by an auto transporter or hauler. For more information on Alaska auto transport contact Auto Transport Quotes and speak to a live representative or fill out our online quote form today.