Auto Shipping To Puerto Rico

A small island to the East of Cuba and Haiti, Puerto Rico requires international transport to and from the continental United States. If cars are shipped from the continental United States, rough conditions in the ocean might require container shipping, especially if shipped from further north on the Atlantic coast.

Container shipping is the safest possible method for transporting vehicles. The vehicle is driven into a metal cargo or shipping container designed for vehicle transport. It is then secured in the container, preventing the vehicle from moving in the cargo container when being lifted onto the vessel, during transport, or when being lifted off of the ship.

If a car is shipped from one of the neighboring islands or Florida, it may be appropriate to use a roll-on/roll-off method depending on the time of the year. Roll on roll off, which is often represented as RORO for shipping purposes, is different from container shipping a vehicle. With this method, the vehicle is driven onto a specialized car deck on the ship. Here, the vehicle is secured in place and transported in a similar way to an open trailer. The car or vehicle decks on the ship will not typically have an additional cover, but for short distances, this is a low-cost, safe way to transport vehicles by vessel.

Puerto Rico is only 100 miles from East to West and 40 miles from North to South making auto shipping on the mainland quite rare. However, auto shipping is possible to most areas of Puerto Rico, and door to door delivery is a viable option for a service discount. This means the experts at Auto Transport Quotes can arrange for the vehicle to be transported from the dock to the specific delivery location using our network of professional drivers and auto transport vehicles on the island.

The San Juan port is the most common entry point into the country and features that heaviest shipping traffic in the Caribbean. Most auto shipping deliveries can be made to and picked up at the San Juan port. For mainland shipping in Puerto Rico, the warm, humid climate year-round will not typically have time to damage cars in during the short time that they are in transit. For this reason, open haulers are appropriate for most cars, but we can arrange enclosed transport for vehicles if required.

The major highway in Puerto Rico is highway 53, maintained by the United States Department of Transportation.