Auto Shipping South America

Affordable auto transport to South America is made easy by choosing to ship using Auto Transport Quotes.

Auto Transport Quotes provides safe, reliable auto transport service to Central America from anywhere in the U.S. We are able to pick up your vehicle or vehicles and trailer them to a port, ensuring you get the best possible pricing. In fact, our port to port and door to port services save customers up to 50% when compared to other auto transport services. We also ship cars, trucks, Boats and heavy equipment as well as motorcycles and just about any other motorized vehicle you may need to transport.

Shipping Options to South America

It is possible to choose one of two different methods to ship vehicles of all sizes and types to South American using Auto Transport Quotes. The most often used method is RORO or roll on roll off shipping.

This is a simple service that allows the vehicle to be driven onto the ship. It is then parked in a specific location of the ship, known as a car deck. These decks are designed to allow for the vehicles to be secured in place, ensuring safe transport over the water. At the destination port, the vehicles are simply driven off the ship and arrangements are made for pickup.

Containerized shipment involves driving the vehicle into a special vehicle transport cargo container. The vehicle is secured in the container; then it is sealed, providing additional protection. This is the method most often used for valuable, rare, antique or luxury vehicles. It is also the common method of transporting smaller motorized vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs.

Our premium services are containerized as well as Ro/Ro from most ports in the U.S. Shipping to most places in Central America. Shipping is often done in as little as 7 days. Government fees are lower and easier to Central America than any other part of the world. Our logistical experts can guide you through the entire process to eliminate the stress. Insurance on vehicles shipped to Central America is generally 2-5% of the value of the vehicle.

Auto Transport Quotes commonly uses ports in Florida and Texas when shipping to Central America. For more detailed information on auto transport to Central America fill out our free online auto transport quote form or call and speak to a live expert today.

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