Auto Shipping Services

Lots of companies provide auto shipping services. However, not all companies providing auto transport and shipping offer the same quality services at the same competitive pricing. Taking the time to compare the prices and the services offered by different auto shipping and transport companies is well worth the time.

Auto Transport Quotes provides quality, affordable auto shipping as the focus of our business. With years in the industry and a solid reputation for professional drivers and reputable services, we have developed a name in the industry that is synonymous with quality and professionalism.

We provide our customers with the insight needed to make an educated decision, guiding through each step of the way. This means explaining the different options for shipping vehicles, the costs involved, and the best shipping methods based on the specific needs of our customers. We can discuss the benefits of enclosed or open auto transport services, while also offering support in shipping motorcycles, ATVs, boats and even recreational vehicles and golf carts.

Where We Ship

Our local and long distance services are available throughout the entire U.S. and even the minor outlying islands including Guam, Tortola, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also ship on a regular basis to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska, as well as international locations such as Africa, Central and South America, Europe and throughout the Caribbean.

Making sure your car is shipped safely is our number one priority. That is why all cars receive a 5 point inspection at pickup and delivery. The inspection is completed and the information recorded, providing a clear picture of the condition of the vehicle before it is loaded and after it comes down off the truck. This is great for new car delivery to ensure your car is delivered as it was bought. All cars are insured for up to market value with zero deductible to you. With this option, there is no risk involved in using Auto Transport Quotes for your auto shipping needs. Customers also have the option of placing their car in an open or enclosed trailer to better suit their needs.

We provide auto shipping services for large corporations as well as individuals who purchase cars online. We routinely provide auto shipments for individuals and families on military relocations. To get more details on our auto shipping service call today and speak to one of our auto transport experts.