Auto Shipping Middle East

Shipping to the Middle East? Auto Transport Quotes has you covered, with our first class services like Roll on/Roll off, or containerized shipping services, shipping to the Middle East has never been so easy. Auto Transport Quotes coordinates land transport as well as sea freight to make the process effortless. Our large volume contracts with shipping companies allow us to beat competitor’s quotes by up to 50%.

Different Shipping Options

Depending on the type of vehicle you are shipping, different shipping options are available. For luxury vehicles, classic cars, rare and unique custom vehicles or other types of specialty vehicles, many of our customers choose containerized shipping.

As the name implies, this shipping method involves the vehicle being loaded in a cargo container. These are specialized containers, and the vehicles are secured to the container, preventing any movement during container lifting, lowering and transport. This option fully protects the vehicle from sun, exposure to wind or any types of debris.

Roll on roll off services allows the vehicle to be driven onto the car deck of the transport vessel. Here the vehicle is secured for transport. The car decks are strategically located on the vessel to provide protection for all vehicles. This is often the best option for larger vehicles, trucks, commercial or heavy-duty types of vehicles and equipment as well as for large shipments of multiple vehicles.

Both shipping options provide a safe, secure, international transport method. With insurance on the vehicles, if there is any damage, which is very unusual, the shipper will have coverage for any required repairs.

Ports in the Middle East

The most common ports Auto Transport Quotes ships to are Jebel Ali, Aqaba, Amman, Yemen, and Jeddah. However, these are just a few of the locations we service. If you require shipping to other ports in the Middle East, talk to our experienced logistics team, and we can arrange shipping and delivery.

Prices are based on cubic volume, and container sizes from 20’ to 40’ are available. Some destinations offer consolidated shipping lowering prices by up to 30% off the already discounted price.

For more information on auto shipping to the Middle East contact one of our overseas auto transport experts. For pricing fill out the online transport quote form. All auto transport rate quotes are good for up to 15 days and are based on the fuel market prices.

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