Auto Shipping Caribbean

Shipping a vehicle to the Caribbean? Auto Transport Quotes provides premium auto transport services throughout most the islands in the Caribbean.

The most common destinations in the Caribbean are Puerto Rico, Dominican, Republic, Haiti, and the U.S Virgin Islands. While these are the most common, we can also arrange for auto transport to other Caribbean locations. Shippers will just need to provide the shipping information, and we can provide a quote and information on the auto transport service availability at the specific port. As this can be more complicated to plan and coordinate, we recommend providing advanced notice of any shipping to the Caribbean or other international locations.

All auto transport services to the Caribbean are available weekly and bi-weekly depending on your destination. The frequency of ships leaving United States ports means our customers will have their vehicles in just days rather than the weeks it may take when using other auto transport services.

Our large volume to the islands allows us to offer competitive pricing, saving customers up to 50% compared to other auto transport companies. With our reputation for quality shipping services as well as customer service and cost-savings, we are the preferred auto shipping service for individuals, companies and auto sales services moving vehicles to the Caribbean.

We also provide auto transport services to and from all ports anywhere within the U.S. The most common ports for shipping to the Caribbean are Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Palm Beach, Fl, Jacksonville, Fl and Tampa, Fl. By leaving from these locations, the actual time of shipping is dramatically reduced and, with regular ships leaving these ports, we can coordinate shipping and delivery to meet the schedules and time requirements of our customers.

To find the port that best suits your needs, contact the staff at Auto Transport Quotes and speak to an auto transport expert that can assist in arranging all your logistical needs. Please have ready information on the anticipated port for departure, the destination in the Caribbean and any specific information you want us to know about the vehicles being shipped.

Insurances are available for overseas transport in most cases the price is approximately 2-5% of the value of the vehicle. Overseas auto transport is done containerized and Ro/Ro and delivery times are from 5-20 days depending on your final destination.

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